Deeply Spiritual. Intensely Practical!

The Person and work of the Holy Spirit is one of the most sublime teachings of the Bible. And at the same time His work in our lives is incredibly practical, impacting our ability to be students, teachers, employees and employers—everything!

This year we want to focus on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, and the radical transformations He brings to our lives! Join us for a weekend of powerful Bible teaching, passionate worship, and meaningful fellowship. Join us for a weekend set apart to God!



Rory Rodgers


Revo Collective


January 25-27, 2019


$157 per person


Woodleaf Camp


Use our Google Form to register your church!


Youth Leader To-do list

This is a must have! It has important reminders about communication deadlines and requirements. Make sure to grab a copy and keep it close to your heart!


You’re welcome to create material for your youth group but we also have a half-sheet flyer (with info and blank) available for download.

Release Form

Every student under 18 will need a release form. We have a generic form available or you can use your own. Additionally, Woodleaf requires a release form. Their form can be found here. Remember, both of these forms are required.

Map to Woodleaf

Rather than creating a map, here’s something better: the camp’s location on Google Maps!


The fires of competition are burning bright!

Saturday afternoon is when it all goes down. Prep your team. Work on your strategies. Build up your endurance. Dodgeball is back and competition will be fierce!

Come prepared!

Only one team will lift the trophy as the camp champs, but this year there’s more on the line. We’ll also be handing out the Best Dressed Award to the team with the best team uniforms. This can be coordinated colors, crazy costumes, thematically inspired—the limit is your imagination! Purple People Eaters? Sure! Star Wars themed uniforms? Absolutely!

Leave with fabulous prizes!

Okay, maybe not fabulous, per se, but still fun ;) The camp champs go home with a pennant to hang from their rafters, forever basking in the glory of their accomplishments. The team’s youth leader also gets a little something too. And, of course, the winning team has their name added to the Trophy of Eternal and Annual Glory™, next to the champs of years past.